9-10 March 2016 | Valencia, Spain

International RILEM Workshop on Creep behavior in Cracked Sections of Fiber Reinforced Concrete

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Thankfulness Message


The FRC-CREEP 2016 Organizing Committee was proud to welcome 35 attendees from 16 countries at the International RILEM Workshop on Creep Behaviour in Cracked Sections of Fibre Reinforced Concrete held in Valencia (Spain), where 20 lectures related to the specific and really important topic of creep and 2 Round Tables were presented and discussed.


We would like to state our gratitude to:


• The authors for their invaluable technical contributions and willingness to share their research;


• The technical committee for their collaboration and dedication to the revision of technical articles, a critical process to ensure a high technical quality and achieve valuable proceedings;


• The sponsor for its generous support and collaboration;


And last, but not least, we would like to thank to all participants, whose interest and enthusiasm made this Workshop, a first class and enriching event for all.



The Organizing Committee

Last News

> Full paper submission date extended

The Full paper Submission deadline of the Workshop has been extended until January 25, 2016. More info about dates here.


> Registration period opened

The Registration process is now opened and available through the CFP portal of the University Polytechnic of Valencia.

More info here.


> Important dates Update

The important dates of the Workshop have been updated.

Please, follow this link to verify the new submission deadlines and early registration date.


> Abstract submission closed

The Abstract Submission process is closed. Those who have submitted an abstract will receive an e-mail with the comments of the Scientific Committee.





Welcome to


We are delighted to provide you with details of the International RILEM Workshop on Creep Behaviour in Cracked Sections of Fibre Reinforced Concrete, which will take place in Valencia (Spain) from the 9th to the 10th of March 2016.


The Workshop will offer an opportunity to enjoy a cutting-edge programme highlighting the current state of the art and the latest advances on the assessment and the consideration of creep in Fibre Reinforced Concrete elements. This international event will count with the participation of some of the most active researchers on the field, being a great occasion to share experiences and establish points of interest for future studies.


In this website you will find additional information on the scientific programme, venue, registration, guideline for authors and contact detail. Feel free to contact the organizers in case additional information is required.

We hope to see you there.


The Workshop Organisers




Scope of the Workshop


Over the past few years, there has been a significant effort in the research, development and application of Fibre Reinforced Concrete (FRC) promoted through the work of many research groups and technical committees.

However, the long-term behaviour of FRC under sustained load is still a controversial topic in both scientific and in technical forums. A proof of this are the papers presented at the last RILEM BEFIB 2012 Conference. Currently, more than 15 research groups in the world are working on the subject and interest has been very strong in the business field.

The absence of a standardized testing methodology to quantify creep in FRC and the work conducted by different groups employing different procedures, leads to results and conclusions that are difficult to compare or to generalize.

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